Our House: Spare Room Update

Last week, I began redoing our spare bedroom. I took almost everything out of the room (except the closets, they are their own thing). The yellow ceiling was the first to go! I used Valspar’s color changing ceiling paint, in flat white. It makes everything so much cleaner and brighter. It goes on sort of purple and dries white. I probably didn’t need it for the this room, but the paint was left over from the painting the bathroom ceiling.

Next, I decided the wall paint we used to cover the turquoise just wasn’t what I wanted. I did a little looking at Lowe’s and on Pinterest and chose Valspar’s Oxygen White as the wall color. Eventually, the trim and closet doors will be the same white as the rest of the house’s trim, Olympic’s Delicate White.

Our house isn’t huge, so I’ve tried to consider how all the paint colors in our house work together. Below are all the paints we’ve used in our house!

  • Mountain Grey: main living, halls, utility, and kitchen
  • Azalea Leaf: master
  • Mountain Dew: bathroom
  • Oxygen White: spare
  • Duchess Lyndhurst Duchess Blue: kitchen cabinets
  • Delicate White: all trim

All our paint has come from Lowes, and the best pieces of advice I picked up through researching on blogs and Pinterest for paint is this:

  1. Save the lids to the paint cans (with the paint color info on it), if you need to match discontinued colors, it makes it a lot easier.
  2. For whole room colors choose something a few shades more on the gray-scale than the color you want. The intensity of a color is a lot higher than what it looks like on a paint chip!

Even though the paint all looks really cool, it balances with the amount of warm wood finishes we have in the house.

My remodeling of the spare room is on hold for the moment. We are waiting for the new bed frame for our master room to arrive, Todd still needs to add base-boards. Once that happens, we will move our old bed into the room, arrange it, and start putting it all back together. I’ve started to think about how I want the space to function, and what I want to add to the family history gallery. I’ve also purchased these pretty curtains…



I got them on sale, and was able to stack some discounts to get them for just over $30.00. Woot.

Next post, I will share my plans and thoughts on putting together a family history gallery!


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