I have a degree in US History, a love of gardening, and the slight obsession with family history. A while back, I was sitting at my desk, while working in the UWSP Archives, and had a brilliant thought. I think there is a way for me to combine these three loves. I developed my “Grow Your Roots” project to connect my family history to gardening. By tracing my genealogy through ancestral homes, and reconnecting with the landscapes at those homes.

My goals with these ancestral homes are: 1. track down where my ancestors lived, 2. Find out as much as possible about the land and house, 3. check in on it, as it is today, 3. Contact current owners to see if any original or at least very old trees, shrubs, or perennials survive. 4. Hopefully, collect splits and cuttings to grow in my own “heritage garden,” 5. And last, but not least, record and share the stories, photos, and journey here, on this site.

Another side project I hope work on in the future is salvaging perennials and gardens from historic sites that are set for demolition or redevelopment.

Aside from that…here are some fun facts:

  • Living in my 3rd decade
  • From Omaha, Nebraska →Danville, Indiana →Stevens Point, Wisconsin
  • Married! March 17, 2013 by a friend in a kilt, in a van, in a park, to my best friend, Todd
  • Owner of one very spoiled horse
    • Milo- 1995 APHA/PtHA gelding, retired show horse, currently living the life of luxury
  • Taking a bit of a break from showing horses (ranch classes) to do some adventuring with Todd
  • Renovating a 1956 ranch house…slowly, but surely.
  • Enjoying life at home with Todd, our cat (Robin), our turtle (Boxy Filbert), and a little terror (Aunt Janet’s Pomeranian, Bella).
  • Graduated with a BA in US History with minors in Religious Studies, and Anthropology, from IUPUI
  • Interested in:
  • American History, Family History, Ranch Horses, All Horses, Cemeteries, Old Homes, Old Junk, Old photos, Vintage Planters, Ski-Ball, Gardens, Iris, All Flowers, Painting, Going on Adventures, Mexican Food, Sangria, Land Records, Western Tack, Coffee, And much much more!

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