Grandma & Grandpa Miller’s

My Grandma and Grandpa, Esther and Ralph Miller, lived in the Walnut Hill neighborhood of Omaha, Nebraska. They lived in what I’ve always referred to as “Grandma and Grandpa Miller’s” house for over 40 years, and raised three boys in the home. I always remember the green carpet, hidden staircase, and my favorite spot in Grandma’s closet. The master closet had a window and built-in dresser. I used to like to sit on the dresser and make a little fort. The home was old, and very well lived-in, but it was comfy and filled with love. Hot coffee and “rolls” (cinnamon rolls, doughnuts, cakes) were always waiting for company.

I remember only bits and pieces of the yard, but what I do remember are pink peonies, orange day-lilies, and large trees lining the street.  Tulips bloomed in the Spring, and I believe these were Grandma’s favorite.

The home itself, sat on a city lot, so space was limited. It was build in 1911 with 1,400 sq ft, 4 bedrooms, and one bathroom.

I plan on gathering more information about the home’s past owners the next time I get to visit Omaha and can peruse the tax records in the archives.

My grandparents bought the home after 1958 and lived there until the 1990’s

The land in the home sits on, first comes into the picture when a Military land warrant was issued to Francis J. West, for his service in the Mexican War, and assigned to Samuel Conger. From here, there is a bit of a break in the info.



Samuel Conger (Douglas County, Nebraska) homestead patent no. 55247;

“Land Patent Search,” digital images, General Land Office Records

( accessed 21July2016).


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