The Renovation: Before

When we first looked at our house,  I really loved the big windows, the big yard, and the fact it was a 1950’s ranch. I did not love or even like much else about it.  But, as Todd says, “It just felt right.” We knew it was going to need some love, a lot of love. We thought, after the home inspection the majority was going to be cosmetic, well…

Before we get into all craziness we ran into, let me show you what we started with! The gallery below is what the house looked liked just after we got our hands on it. And when the panic began.

We closed on the house at the end of March. Our apartment lease ran out May 31st. We thought we could get it done (enough) in those two months, to be able to move in comfortably. HA. I will show you next week what we did in those two months.

Some of the crazy features you can’t see:

  • the 2nd bedroom was not only bright turquoise, the ceiling was yellow, and the closets were painted lilac.
  • The bathroom had two different light fixtures, one was broken
  • the extent of how bad the paneling was on the wall with the fireplace and laundry room.
  • The garage…it’s all paneled too.
  • just how grimey everything was.
  • And you can’t see how much of sag there was in the floor, in back part of the house, where the bath and laundry are… oh and that the toilet was sinking!



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