Start. Stop. Start Again

My original goal for this website was to launch it May 1, 2016. I have had plans of having a handful of my projects started or planned out, pages created, photos, and citations. From there, I was going to build on the already posted projects, add little bits of news, and a lot of other cool family history and horticulture related things.

Alas, my plans were a bit lofty amidst a full on home renovation. Every bit of my time has been sucked up by demolition, panic, Lowe’s, more demolition, panic, sweeping, flooring, painting…you get the idea. Not to mention, working in a garden center in Spring gets a bit wild too!

My new plan is to have this beautiful page and project going sometime mid-summer. (Maybe by my 30th birthday?!) that would be June 29th.

We will see!


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